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Everything You Need To Plan Perfection

Renowned on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts for excellent equipment and reliable service, we specialize in tented affairs-weddings and parties, large and small, formal or casual. In addition to tents, our extensive inventory includes lighting, dance floors, staging, tables and chairs, china, glassware, flatware, linens and catering/serving items. We work with you, your caterer or your event planner to make certain your event is a success. Our fully insured, experienced crews provide round-the-clock personal service that's second to none.

The following information provides helpful guidelines in planning your event. Once you have reviewed this section, please complete the inquiry section to receive a quote/estimate. We also invite you to telephone us or stop by our office so we may personally assist you with your event planning.

American Tent can help make your dream wedding a reality.

Tents are available as both “frame” and “pole/tension” structures. Frame and Genesis pole tents are available in variety of widths and in most any length. Tidewater sailcloth pole tents come in a variety of widths and fixed lengths.

The size tent you need for your event depends on a number of factors including number of guests, type of party, and your preferred accessories such as dance floor, band stand, buffet tables, etc.

Tent Sizes
Frame* Genesis Pole* Tidewater Pole
10’ 30’ 32x30’
15’ 40’ 32x50’
20’ 50’ 32x70’
30’   44x43’
*Sizes for this type are widths. Just about any length is available.

General Tent Requirements

Please call us or submit an inquiry if you have any questions. We'll gladly assist you in determining the correct size tent and accessories for your event.

Frame & Genesis Tent Rentals
Frame Tent Genesis Tent
Marquee & Tidewater Sailcloth Tent Rentals
Tidewater Sailcloth Tent Marquee Tent

Tables are available in various sizes and shapes as listed below. The most common table for seating is the 60" round table which allows for 8 people/table for more formal place settings such as a wedding and 10 people/table for less formal place settings. Banquet tables are generally used for food and bar tables but can also be used for seating.

Tent & Table Rentals

Table Size Seating Capacity
30" Round* 2
36" Round 4
48" Round 6
60" Round 8-10
72" Round 10-12
6'x30" 6-8
8' x 30" 8-10
6' x 18" 3
8' x 18" 4
Tuscan 8' x 40" 10
Serpentine ¼ Rounds N/A
36" Square Card Table 4
6' x 12" Bar Top N/A
* Available in 30" (seating)
and 42” (cocktail) heights


Several different styles of chairs are available. The Chivari/Ballroom chair is one option for more formal events. It comes in white and fruitwood with a 2” foam seat. The most popular wedding chair is the Garden chair available in white, natural or fruitwood with a ½” pad. Samsonite chairs are generally used for informal backyard parties, meetings, graduations, etc. Chair covers/sashes are also available for all styles of chairs.

AMerican Tent Chairs
Fruitwood & White
Fruitwood, Natural & White


A dance floor is the most common flooring used under tents. It consists of 3’x4’ wood grain parquet panels which are secured together and finished with a metal edging around the perimeter. To calculate the size of a dance floor for a function it is generally estimated that ½ of the guests will dance at any one time. Each person dancing requires ~4 square feet. Use the chart below as a guideline.

American Tent Dance Floor

Dance Floors    
Guests Square Feet Size
50 100 9 x 12
100 200 12 x 16
150 300 15 x 20
200 400 18 x 20
250 500 20 x 24

Although the majority of tents are set up on existing ground, such as grass, asphalt, gravel, etc., tent flooring is sometimes necessary due to an undesirable surface and/or uneven ground. There are several choices of tent flooring offered including outdoor carpet/turf, plywood, plywood with carpet and plywood with hardwood flooring.

Lighting is recommended for all evening events or in areas that require additional illumination. Six types of lighting are offered - streamer, onion lamps, globe, bistro/café, rice paper lanterns and track lighting.

With all lighting types, dimmer switches may be used to control the amount of illumination.

American Tent Lighting Options
Globes Streamers Lanterns
Bistro/Café Onion Lamps

Linens add the finishing touch to any event. The longer the linen, the more formal the look. Toppers, napkins, skirting and chair covers/sashes are also available. All linens are available in white and various colors. Standard table height is 30".

Add the finishing touch with your choice of table linens.

Table Size Linen Size Distance
From Floor
72" Round 132" Floor Length
  120" 6"
  108" 12"
  96" 18"
  90" 21"
60" Round 120" Floor Length
  108" 6"
  96" 12"
  90" 15"
  72" 24"
48" Round 108" Floor Length
  96" 6"
  90" 9"
  72" 18"
36" Round 96" Floor Length
  90" 3"
  72" 12"
30" Round 90" Floor Length
  72" 9"
8' Banquet 90" x 156" Floor Length
  60" x 120" 15"-18"
6' Banquet 90" x 132" Floor Length
  52" x 114" 9-19"


Staging can be used for wedding ceremonies, bandstands, modeling runways, etc. Our most commonly used stages are 15” height, carpeted 4’x4’ panels or 4’x6’x10” height carpeted risers. By placing panels or band risers together, most any platform can be designed to meet your requirements.

Band Staging Rental

Table Settings
We offer white European china, stainless flatware, fine glassware and other table accessories to suit whatever setting you desire.

Make a statement with your choice of table settings.

Table Settings    
China Flatware Glassware
Dinner Plate Dinner Knife Wine 8 oz.
Salad Plate Dinner Fork Martini 5 oz.
B&B Plate Dessert/Salad Fork Balloon Wine 12 oz.
Soup Cup Teaspoon Champagne Flute 6 oz.
Cup/Saucer Soupspoon Beer Footed 12 oz.
Mug Butter Knife Water Goblet 10 oz.
Luncheon Plate Serving Fork/Spoon Highball 8 oz.
Lobster Platter Cocktail Fork Rocks 5.5 oz.
Sugar/Creamer Lobster Cracker Shooter 2.5 oz.


Numerous other party accessories and serving items are available to meet the needs of your event. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please inquire.

Choose from a variety of accessories to compliment your event.

Bread Baskets
Coolers Bus Trays
Coat Stands Coffee Makers Coffee Servers
Portable Ovens
Cambros Tent Heaters
Grills Tent Centerpole Skirts Serving Trays
King Cookers Tent Liners Beverage Containers
Tent Sidepole Skirts Generators & Tent Flags
Chafing Dishes Electrical Panels Water Pitchers


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